Thesis Statements


Body Problems

I am in a constant struggle with my own body. Whether it is inherited genetics or an evolved condition, I have body problems. Humans are always struggling physically. This is a series of self-portraits reflect my embodied struggles. Self portraits are a reaction to the an aspect of the self. These being a reaction to my own body and its functioning. The bizarre forms and bright colors draw the eye into the image. A few glances or deeper look is needed to see the tension, pain, or even a strange ailment. Complex forms are pinched and pulled. They push back against the perceived tension that lies under the varied colors creating a contrasting duality. Celebratory balloons and colorful securing devices combine to create distortions and deformities abstracting the human body. The intention lies somewhere between pain and humor. A pause must be taken to recognize the duality.



just trying to get there.

Liminal translates to threshold. The in-between space to get from one point to the next. A door is a true threshold, a boundary between the two spaces. It is constantly shifting from each space to the next. I aim to set the viewer within these spaces to navigate the various layers and obstacles between the perceived beginning and end, emphasizing a constant grasping for something that is unseen or unattainable. The unresolved end creates tension between the outside space presented and what lies beyond the door. A tension between knowing and the unknown. One tries to pass through the threshold within the image to something new but can not quite get there visually. The photographs allow for spacial discoveries where ‘reaching’ and‘looking’ become one and the same. Light shapes our understanding of the space while providing additional obstacles. I present a series of small notions; meditations on liminal space, an archive of thresholds, and an exploration of various labyrinths to explore the constant longing.